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The Secret Subscription


AD: Nithika Romy CW: Yours Truly

Mentor: Anna Nowak-Otto, Sophia Goerner, Serena Merletti, Kam Phullar


A full-blown brand strategy but make it creative. ​

What Gives...

Taking a stab at a strategy project, we wanted to redefine Oatly’s comms by reaching out to fringe consumers who might like the taste of oat drinks but don’t openly identify themselves as a ‘vegan’ or the stuffy rep that the word is associated with. 


We aimed our direct and outdoor campaign at closeted Oatly lovers, so there’s always a fresh pack at hand at home. The doorstep service also comes with a discount to help increase frequency among buyers. All you have to do is select ‘no labels’ at our subscription microsite, and leave it to us to be discreet.

The Creative Solution

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How We Got There...

Social Media


Our Target

Our Strategy

Our Comms Objective: Increasing penetration among fringe consumers. 

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