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Aneuser Busch Michelob ULTRA


Lighter With 95


AD: Cristina Alvear CW: Yours Truly


Help portray Michelob Ultra products as all-star athletes 


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What Gives...

There is a massive homeless pet crisis in Asia. The rate at which breeding is snowballing, Thailand alone will have 7 million stray animals by 2027. While organisations like the The Soi Dog Foundation rescue hundreds from the streets every day, the crisis can't be curbed unless more people sign up to adopt these fur babies. Petcube – a pioneer in the pet tech industry – helps connect pets and humans through the power of the Internet. So, we came up with the idea 'The Rescue Cube' to drive pet adoption in Bangkok city, by targeting lonely young professionals and creating a platform that gives them the opportunity to bond with rescued pets – moving them a step closer to adoption.

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