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#TrashYourCup #PlantATree

Trash For Green

Product Innovation | Experiential

HNK X LePub São Paulo



Near Win

Team: Mehdi Bouktache, Leandro Lucena, Matias Contreras, Me

Mentors: Emmanuel Rocha, Felipe Cury, Eduardo Picarelli 

How can celebrating good times be more sustainable?

M.AD Ideathon Finalist 2023

What Gives...

This project was created as a part of the 48-hour M.AD Ideathon challenge, where we were asked to belt out ideas for Heineken's Sustainability Initiative.


Expanding on HNK Brasil's Green Your City platform, we created an innovative seeded-paper cup for music festivals, hijacking the core human behaviour of trashing arenas and concert grounds to create a sustainable change towards restoring forest lands across the country. Turning a highly unsustainable habit into a large-scale reforestation drive.

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