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Activision Blizzard | Diablo IV

#GoToHell #RedeemYourPlay

The Resurrection

Activision Blizzard | Diablo IV

Digital | Gaming | Integrated


AD: Thu Cao Anh | CW: Rafter Manguiat + Riona S Roy

Mentor: Yigit Unan + Raphael Hermann 


Give GenZ gamers a taste of hell before the big Diablo launch.

What Gives...

Diablo IV is finally arriving in 2023. But with the last release dating back to 2012, other names now dominate the ARPG world and Gen Zs are unaware of the bloody, action-filled goodness that the new game can offer.

But one thing never changed: Whenever gamers are immersed into play – they rage, shriek, basically let out hell in every way. Hell is what Diablo is all about. So, we hijacked the gaming world to give players a hell of a good time. We brought a free trial of Diablo IV right in their favourite games, but only summoned by one word — HELL. 

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