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Activision Blizzard | Diablo IV

#GoToHell #RedeemYourPlay

The Resurrection

Activision Blizzard | Diablo IV

Digital | Gaming | Integrated


AD: Thu Cao Anh | CW: Rafter Manguiat + Riona S Roy

Mentor: Yigit Unan + Raphael Hermann 


Give GenZ gamers a taste of hell before the big Diablo IV launch.

What Gives...

After more than a decade, Diablo is finally back with its latest edition. But the new generation of gamers aren’t aware of the game’s legacy and its gore rep among ARPG games. So, we found a way to entice new players by hijacking the games that they are already passionate about. 

If your character has ever died in a multiplayer game, you might have experienced how much it sucks to be stuck in loser hell and watch your friends continue play. We wanted to change this. So, we took over Activision Blizzard's most popular games with a mod update – where once your character dies, you get a chance to discover a hellish taste of Diablo IV before its release. And also simultaneously win rewards. Turning useless in-game death screens into portals to hell

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