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Casper Mattresses


Sleep It Off


AD Attempt + CW: Yours Truly

Mentor: Katharina Trumbach


Create a 360 copy-led campaign for Casper. 

As we kicked off the programme at Miami Ad School, our copy teacher gave us a task. Make an integrated campaign (no biggie, right?) – but make it copy led. My reaction? Well bring it on. So, I chose the brand Casper and rolled with the tides – after coming up with over 20 concepts – this is how it panned out to be. And I was chuffed to bring my game. 


For the always-on, power generation of today,  

The ceaseless creators and over-achievers.  

Who strive to deliver their best,  

Every second of every day.  

This one’s for you. 


For the midnight-oil burners and 3 am wakers.  

The seekers of instant likes and swift wins.  

Be it breakthroughs or breakdowns,  

Who sprint through life, 

Never slowing down. 

This one’s for you.  


For every mega performer, every slogger.  

The heavy-lifters of expectations,  

Criticisms, and under-eye bags.  

Here’s a PSA:  


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